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One of the UK's top health, wellness and biohacking podcasts for almost a decade has been refreshed to focus even more on biohacking! Host Tony Wrighton covers the biggest stories and talks to your favorite characters from the world of biohacking and health. Also check out our biohacking reviews...

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it all started when... 

... I got ill in the jungle. 3 months off work with post-viral fatigue was enough to scare the wits out of me. Basically I spent a few months in bed, not knowing if I’d ever get back to normal.

So that’s how it started. I was really keen to start a podcast on energy and vitality, because I didn’t have any. Biohacking News by Zestology has now been going almost a decade and has recently been rebranded to even better highlight the focus on biohacking.

We look at the top stories from the world of biohacking, and review products, supplements, techiques, health tech and more. It has featured (not-very-humble brag) some of the biggest names in health, medicine, science and wellness worldwide. It’s my podcast adventure to find more energy, vitality and motivation, so enjoy.


Cutting-edge hacks for improving your health and energy. For example, ever been tempted to spend a week in a dark room with electrodes stuck to your head? I did that recently, (so you don’t have to.)


Podcast guests include best-selling authors, genius scientists, meditation experts, sports stars, health inspirers, cutting-edge nutritionists, gifted motivators and various other expert interviewees.


which biohacks are worth it? And which are just hype?

Join my 30k+ readers / listeners / viewers weekly for the latest in biohacking tech + techniques + reviews + insider news