Enhance your health and transform your wellbeing

Sympathetic, transformatcoaching with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Learn how to access your parasympathetic nervous system on repeat. Reshape your behaviors and work on what is important to you.

1-to-1 NLP coaching

Master the basics or focus on specific areas for personal growth and optimized health. (Prices per 1 hour video coaching session)

What you'll get:

  • 1-to-1 dedicated sessions
  • Experience healing and growth
  • Bespoke audio programs to follow in between sessions and support (this is a step that my clients love - i record audio just for you)
  • As a first step we will immediately start to access your parasympathetic nervous system on repeat, for health, optimisation and inspiration
  • Pick your consultation time on my calendar
  • Detailed notes after our session (an important step)
  • A dedicated portal to access your notes whenever you like.
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transforming your belief system

Watch my free video on getting healthy AF by focusing on your belief system (and yes, I overshare about my own rollercoaster story)