The 6-Month NLP Transformation Program


Tailored for those who are intensely focused on transformation. I delve into exhaustive detail to understand exactly what you want to change, in your own life and the lives of others.

Together, we embark on the profound journey of integrating advanced NLP methodologies into your toolkit, transforming not just your perspective but empowering you to enact meaningful change in the world around you.

And it's not just NLP. We weave in biohacking and health metrics and tracking to ensure you are achieving optimal balance in every area. 

Success and transformation are our shared goals, and your progress is our ultimate success metric.

What You'll Get:

  1. Personalized NLP Coaching: Experience a half-year of tailored NLP coaching, focusing on your personal and professional growth. We are 100% focused on your personalized transformation target*

  2. Exclusive Tech: Sometimes as part of our optimization tools, we need to track parameters using the latest health tech. I'll supply that for you, free. 

  3. Weekly Updates and Daily Access: Benefit from weekly progress updates and enjoy daily access to me for guidance, support, and to answer any questions you have as you embark on this journey.

  4. Dual-Focus Approach: Alongside your personal transformation, this program brings you to what I call 'Level 2' proficiency in NLP skills. This isn't an official certification level but my unique way of describing the depth of understanding and application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming you'll achieve ‚Äď empowering you to positively impact your life and others.

  5. Comprehensive NLP Resources: You'll get completely free access to resources such as The Healthy AF Method (RRP: £669), my books on NLP and technique manuals to deepen your understanding and practical application of NLP.

*Sessions are tailored towards individual goals, and take place in your small, supportive group of changemakers. 

Interested in joining Changemakers - my 6-month NLP transformation program? Apply by filling out the short form below and then we can have a chat to see if you are a good fit for the program.

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