Successful Authors publish with Well Published Books

Hi, I’m Tony, a bestselling author in 13 languages. I help wellness experts get "indie published" without using traditional publishers, through the easy and effective Well Published Books Process.

  • You don’t need a traditional publisher or an agent to get published. You just need to understand the indie-publishing platforms.

  • You don’t need a massive following to sell books (and lots of them!). You just need a targeted niche audience and effective marketing strategies.

  • You don’t need to be a tech expert to publish your book. You just need user-friendly tools and a step-by-step guide.

  • You don’t need to handle everything yourself! You just need my program and a supportive network to assist you.

Well Published Books is an effective and proven program, refined by me over FOURTEEN years of indie publishing. It includes my bespoke step-by-step guide to publishing (and then actually selling wellness books). As a supportive community we meet once a week for a Q&A session, where you can ask me anything as you progress on your journey. You also get access all previous sessions.


Here’s what to expect as I guide you every step of the way:


Planning Your Bestseller

  • Embrace Indie Publishing: Full creative control and higher profits.
  • Identify Your Goal: Define success (profits, downloads, inspiration, authority).
  • Author Journey: Commitment required, multiple books, post-publication dedication.
  • Costs: Define what you want to outsource (from minimal to extensive).
  • Choosing a Niche That Sells: Essential in health and wellness - tools to help.
  • Title Selection: Brainstorm and research, flexible until editing completion.
  • Book Format: Decide size, writer, fact-checker, editor.

Writing Your Bestseller

  • Planning: Organization, finding YOUR writing style.
  • Writing Process: How to write your book and hone it.
  • Outside Help: Use experts for targeted help where necessary.
  • Pre-Publication: Copy-edit, format check on multiple platforms, final title review.

Publishing Your Bestseller

  • KDP Account: Setup and usage education.
  • Series Consideration: Potential for future books.
  • Amazon Description: Crafting guidelines-compliant descriptions.
  • Cover Design: Ensure proper formatting.
  • Formatting: The inside of your book - we want it to look amazing.
  • Pricing & Advertising: Develop strategy.

Marketing Your Bestseller

  • Launch Strategy: Focus on reviews, soft vs. big bang launch.
  • Review Acquisition: Strategies for verified reviews (compliant with Ts and Cs).
  • Advertising: Post-publication start, after paperback and Kindle release.
  • Amazon Marketing Content: A key step that many authors overlook.
  • Price Adjustment: Monitoring sales and pricing strategy.
  • Wide Distribution: Getting your book everywhere.
  • Series Focus: What’s next? Building your author career.

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