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Seven Steps to a Better Job

What do you really want from your work? Perhaps it's more flexible working hours...the chance to help around the in your job...the chance to make really good friends with your workmates...or perhaps you'd just like to EARN MORE MONEY?

Now, Tony invites you to take his incredible Seven Steps to a Better Job, a programme of proven solutions and real-life inspirational stories. He'll introduce you to the same techniques that world-famous personalities Meryl Streep, Jim Carrey, Michael Johnson, Dustin Hoffman, Tiger Woods, and Bruce Lee have each used to propel themselves to the very top of their professions. And when you get to Step Seven, you might be surprised and amazed at what's in store.

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Learn to Remember Any Name

Do you panic when you see a familiar face, but you can't remember the person's name? Do you hear yourself saying after two minutes, "I'm sorry, what was your name again?" And do you sometimes feel slightly foolish when you realise you've met somebody an hour ago, and you can't remember what they're called?
With his proven method, expert Tony Wrighton demonstrates how to use the senses of sight, sound and - amazingly - touch, to experience someone's name through different processing systems and therefore quickly and efficiently learn it.

After listening just once, you can actually start to enjoy using people's names.

You'll find that you really want to use people's names as soon as you've learnt them, because people are often so surprised that you've actually taken the time to make an effort to learn their name. And because most people are so bad at names, you immediately stand out from the crowd when you make somebody feel special and use their name straight away.

Discover the secret to remembering anyone's name, and buy Learn To Remember Any Name in 30 Minutes. Now thousands of people have successfully benefited from Tony's "Easy Name-Recall Technique."

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Be Super Confident

"How quickly do you want to become more confident?" Best-selling self development author Tony Wrighton presents his new, incredible audiobook, devoted specifically to helping you have more confidence in every area of your life.
ou might be in BUSINESS or an important meeting, and want to appear more confident. These techniques are great for SPORTS, to be truly confident in your own abilities and allow yourself to perform at your absolute peak. This audiobook is also great for PRESENTATIONS, and any social situation. It includes a special Creative Visualisation Programme, which you can listen to it right before you want more confidence, and it is specifically timed so you can listen to it as often as you need, and whenever you want to boost your super-confidence levels.

By now, Tony Wrighton has topped the download charts internationally, and after you've bought Be Super Confident, you may be amazed at how rapidly you start to notice the real changes in your behaviour that tens of thousands of people have already experienced.

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