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Relax in a Minute

NLP is a set of skills to help you manage your moods and communicate better with yourself and other people. For a full explanation of NLP, click here.

Relax in a minute has super-quick, easy and effective strategies based on the principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It will help you chill out and feel better in minutes, whether you're stressed about work, having trouble unwinding on holiday or simply want to enjoy your life more. Do you feel stressed out? Want to relax quickly and let go of unhelpful tension in your life? Read on...

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Persuade in a Minute

Based on the skills of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Tony's third book.

These super-quick, easy and effective persuasion techniques will get people saying YES in seconds. Whether it's making more authoritative presentations, winning arguments or even using Facebook to get your way, you can start persuading NOW because each technique takes a minute or less. Want to be more persuasive and charismatic? Interested in learning how to deliver a message under the radar?

Check out Persuade in a minute on Amazon.


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Confidence in a Minute

Tony's first book was Confidence in a minute (Amazon link).

You're about to discover the key to instant confidence. Offering quick-fix confidence boosts based on the principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), this easy-to-use, down-to-earth guide will enable you to overcome the key barriers to confidence that can affect all areas of your work and personal life, from big presentations to awkward social situations.