It runs for a month, and as we go through each stage I’ll explain why things work from an NLP perspective.  And of course, we’ll be focusing on your primary goal the whole way through, which is why this course is so unique – because it’s completely tailored to you. 

Week 1: Actually doing something:  

You’ve started. You’ve finally got motivated enough to take action. This first week is about two key elements to motivation. The first - coming up with a great goal, and then a specific plan for that goal.

We'll check your goal is perfect for you - something high to aim at, but achievable too. And then you get you going - and take action, starting to change your behaviour, taking important steps, being decisive, and feeling invigorated and inspired towards achieving your goal.

Consider different areas of your life when assessing your goal. It doesn't have to be simply work related, your goal(s) may be centred around family, relationships, health, wealth, lifestyle etc. You can of course have more than one goal, although make one the principal goal for us to really get stuck into.

Week 2: How to really believe it will happen:  

This week, we do some excellent work on making sure you really do believe that this is going to happen, that you are someone who achieves your goals, someone inspired who finishes what you start, someone who takes decisive action to make things happen. This is an awesome week, and has the added bonus of giving you loads more energy on a day-to-day basis. We also delve deeply into the specifics of exactly how you're going to succeed, on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute basis. This is one of my favourite techniques.

Week 3: The secret to dealing with challenges:

Perhaps you’re one of those lucky ones who simply sails through every goal you set yourself? More likely, you’re a mere mortal like the rest of us, and normally meet a challenge or two along the way.  It’s not about the challenge, it’s about how you bounce back from them. Imagine if as you were learning to walk, when you fell over you decided walking wasn’t for you!? Instead, you simply got up, fell over, got up, fell over, and got up again until you learnt to do it.  Some excellent adult strategies for dealing with challenges this week.

Week 3 (part b). Seeing it through.

For many people their motivation problem isn’t having enough ideas, it’s just doing anything about it. So this week, we focus particularly on finishing what you started.  Making sure that you achieve one goal before starting on the next, and you stick with it until it is completed. Week 3 is a busy week...

Week 4.  Doing what works.

A key component of NLP motivation skills is understanding what you, and other people do well, and how you can learn from that.  This week is the most important week of the course, because it doesn’t just help you to be motivated for this month. It helps you forever!  You’ll also gain inspiration from some leaders in their field as you create your own tailored report on how to do motivation well.  Also, this week we take time to appreciate the huge progress you’ve made, not in just learning some of the successful ways a person can motivate themselves, but also how you personally have progressed towards your goal.

End of Week 4.  Your assessment.

At the end of the month, you take the ‘Motivation in a minute’ assessment, online.  Except it’s not like a normal assessment.  This time, you’re assessing yourself over the last four weeks, before handing it in.  Where you did well, what you’ve achieved, and what you’ve learnt.

One month later:  A reminder of your learnings – comes by email, and acts as an inspirational follow-up.


$700 £350 may seem like quite a lot of money. But when you consider your goal, what is the value of achieving it?  5 times that amount?  10 times?  For many, the results of Motivation in a minute are priceless – starting a new business, losing weight, getting a new job, making more money or raising money for charity, or simply finding happiness.


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