Interviews in Media

Watch the interviews that went er, global. 30m views around the world (including 10m on Facebook and another 10m in China) came as a bit of a surprise, but it was plenty of fun...

Other stuff

Tony on Sky Sports  

and here and here.

Tony presenting sporting events in 2011 for ITV4 and Sky: Darts, Weber Cup ten-pin and Premier League Bowls.

Tony's books featured in the Daily Mail

'Confidence Countdown' -the Daily Express features Confidence in a minute

The Daily Record on Relax in a minute


Tony Wrighton 10513.IIQ .p1 225x300 - Media

The Sun's Fabulous magazine puts Persuade in a minute to the test

Huffington Post piece on sleep gadgets

Pitch an idea in 60 seconds. From ShortList magazine

Prepare your mind for sporting battle again in the entertaining ShortList (right next to: How To Fend Off A Chloroform Attack!)

Tony in the Sun's 'Top 5 new self-help books'

Tony on Audible's new year podcast (free)

Tony's celebrity playlist on iTunes (iTunes link - no taking the mickey out of dodgy music choices).

Tony at the iTunes Festival (Authors day - Tony and Stephen Fry)

Tony's postcard plan featured in Top Sante magazine

Foreign versions of Tony's books

Special feature, 'Think Strong', a motivation special for Runner's World


Tony on Absolute Radio - Day 1


Tony on Absolute Radio - Day 2

Tony on Absolute Radio - Day 3