iphone headphones 11 300x226 - Free audiobook for you.

Hi there,

It's been a while since I've done one of my totally free gifts for all you members of my mailing list - so here is one today.  My latest audiobook is called Be Super Creative and it's in the charts on iTunes (happy about that!). You can have a copy totally free.

All you need to do is reply to this email with the answers to three tiny questions which would totally help me out.

1)  We are working on setting up a super-exciting new 'Tribe' that receives a daily feel-good email with either a top motivational video or audiobook every day.  Would you rather watch a video or listen to something daily?

2)  What would be the perfect length of video/audio for you to watch/listen daily to fit in with your schedule?

3)  Is this idea something you reckon sounds interesting?

Thanks in advance for your answers to these questions and I'll look forward to sending you the audiobook in return.