Tony Wrighton - Get over Fear of Flying

One of the things Tony specialises in is helping people make quick positive changes with minimum fuss. So he had fun when Christian O'Connell invited him to the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show to work with Producer Richie.

Richie was by his own admission an extremely nervous flyer and had four flights to take the day after he met Tony.

Tony first chatted to him on the phone during the show on the Tuesday - click below to listen.

Tony on Absolute Radio - Day 1

Tony Wrighton blog1 300x225 - Fear of flying

Tony then went into the studio on the Wednesday - click to listen.

Tony on Absolute Radio - Day 2

They then flew to Lapland on Thursday. But how did it go?  Click below to listen to Tony appearing on the show the following Monday once they'd returned - and find out how it went!

Tony on Absolute Radio - Day 3

If you're interested in getting over your fear of flying - it doesn't take long! Get in touch below and just like Richie at Absolute Radio you might be surprised and delighted at how much easier the experience of flying can be.


Screen Shot 2011 12 18 at 13.38.011 - Fear of flying

So... how to do it? If you have a phobia of something then the skills used in NLP can really help. After all we're not born with phobias, we learn them. So we can learn to react differently too. Get in contact if you'd like to discuss yours.

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